01 January 2012 @ 11:04 am
Gee, when did that happen? And, no I wasn't drunk enough last night to not remember ringing it in with a hoop, holler, and mini-makeout session in my brother-in-law's back yard. I just meant that I'm not sure what happened to 2011. Time goes by so quickly here...

Things that will be better this year:
~* More rigid control of the finances will mean more flexibility for discretionary spending. Yippee! And, aren't paradoxes odd? ;)
~* Stephanie's been talking about making an effort to generate more hearing aid opportunities for me. I made a whopping $75 last month in commission. I'd like to multiply that by a factor of 10. Every month.
~* I'll be studying for the next couple of months to take the National Competency Exam for Board Certification for Hearing Instrument Specialists. This will give me a little more credibility and hopefully make opportunity generation a little bit easier.
~* My parents are giving us their huge monstrosity of a credenza, which I will be using for my altar and storage for my crafts. One of my resolutions is to spend less time on video games and more times on hobbies and spiritual development. I have the tools for it now.
~* I'm back on track with Weight Watchers. No more extension belts on airplanes, ever. >:(

The only black cloud right now is that I'm starting the new year off with a sprained ankle. I fell going down the steps last night. Really hard. I think I scared Matt. I'm a little bruised and my ankle, of course, hurts like a bitch. My shoulder is also a bit stiff, though that could be from sleeping on it wrong last night and not due to the fall. But, give me a few weeks and all of that will be good as new.
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